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Saturday, June 12, 2004
Lee Mun Wai, Idiot Of Idiots

Check this out, people. Here's what it says.

THE crystal-clear acoustics of Victoria Theatre were sorely tested during a modern dance performance on Monday night - by a noisy group of schoolgirls.

The 300 Secondary 2 students from CHIJ Katong Convent were out on an arts excursion to see the A-Soon Dance Company, a Korean act which is part of the ongoing Singapore Arts Festival.

Before the show began, the girls started talking noisily in the Circle section upstairs, although everyone else was quiet.

Later, they shushed each other loudly in a succession of loud giggles and a chorus of shhhs that continued through the first half of the evening, which lasted 40 minutes.

The girls apparently found the translucent, butt-revealing leotards of the dancers funny, as they giggled at each jiggling butt cheek, almost on cue.

Their antics were audible across both floors of the half-full theatre.

The noise they made prompted an angry member of the audience, dance student Lee Mun Wai, 22, to get up during the interval.

Using four-letter expletives, he told them to 'stop making that noise'.

He added: 'Do you know how irritating you are? I don't care what school you're from but I'm from Lasalle-SIA College and I will never let you in!'

His words, which stunned the theatre into silence, were then met with audience applause.

Music promoter Sangeetha Madhavan, 29, who was in the audience, said she was 'relieved that someone had put a stop to the noise, although it should have been a teacher'.

She added: 'It could have been done without the swearing.

'But I'm just happy the rest of the performance was undisturbed.'

Speaking to Life! later, Mr Lee admitted that he had lost his cool and could have used more diplomatic words.

But he was more embarrassed for the Korean guests who had 'flown all the way here to be greeted with such a misbehaving crowd. It's like a slap in the face to them'.

He added: 'I'm a member of the paying audience and I'm here for a good show. I'm glad that I stood up to scold the ill-disciplined girls because I know they will never do this again.'

The dancers, meanwhile, appeared unaffected by the extra attention.

They gave a thrilling show in the second half, held in a by-then quiet theatre.

The first half had dealt with the spiritual theme of human transendence, while the second half was a philosophical query into the future of Korean dance.

At the Circle during the interval, a teacher escorting the girls gave them a dressing-down after Mr Lee's outburst.

Apparently, the disturbance had not been caused by the entire party of 300, who had paid $10 each for subsidised tickets to the show, but by a small group of culprits in the front row.

The teacher did not wish to be named, but apologised for their misconduct.

She also said that the girls' giggling was not loud from where she was sitting.

'The girls have not been exposed to modern dance, and could not understand all of it,' she said.

'But I was very frightened that they were exposed to such vulgarity,' she added, referring to Mr Lee's outburst.

When Katong Convent was contacted by Life! yesterday, it said it was investigating the matter and 'will be putting measures to prevent this from happening again'.

It could not comment further.

One of the girls, who said she had not been giggling, said she was shocked by Mr Lee's yelling.

She added that she was approached five minutes after that by another member of the audience who did not hesitate to scold her.

She said, bursting into tears: 'He called me an a**hole to my face. I've never been called an a**hole to my face before.'

Members of the National Arts Council worked to contain the hubbub during the interval and were seen talking to the escorting teacher.

Some NAC staff wondered why there should have been such misbehaviour as many previous school excursions to arts events had worked out peacefully.

The NAC currently issues advisories on the switching off of handphones before concerts, and on R(18) theatre ratings.

Others in the theatre were, simply, amused.

Piano teacher Rochelle Tan, 29, said: 'Perhaps the children weren't briefed properly - it's not entirely their fault.

'After all, at that age, girls will always want to chat to each other. I hope the incident won't deter teachers from bringing students to more arts events.'

The NAC said it was grateful that CHIJ Katong Convent supported the festival programme. The school had bought 300 tickets in bulk for the show.

But it also said: 'As we expose young audiences to the arts and bring them on excursions for a first-hand experience in theatres, we also need to educate them on good audience behaviour.

'We plan to work with schools to further develop our Arts Education Programme, to reinstate audience etiquette.'

I must confess that I found myself in somewhat of a dilemma after reading this article. I didn't know who I was against in this one. I mean, on the one hand, there's this bunch of fucking annoying kids, and everyone knows how much I hate noisy kids, but on the other hand, there was this motherfucking pompous arts fag who's also a fucking moron. Well, I've made up my mind. Children should be seen and not heard, they say, and I say that it would be even better if they weren't seen as well. I mean, the kids deserved to get berated in public, and they probably deserved a good caning of their collective asses as well, but this fucking dance student deserves to get his candy-ass handed to him on a platter.

Firstly, his ass deserves to get kicked just because he's a dance student. I mean, what the fuck is there to study about dance? I mean, sure, you need some training to be a dancer or a choreographer, but do you really have to dignify it by calling it "studying"? I mean, what the fuck is dance good for, really? It is pleasing to the eye to watch good dancers dance, true, but dancing contributes absolutely nothing to society. Period. Dancing should be a fucking hobby, not a fucking profession, and professional dancers should go find a real job, so that's already one big fucking demerit point for this sissy boy dance student.

Secondly, (and this is the reason I'm even writing this blog in the first place) his ass deserves to get kicked because he's a fucking moron. I mean, look at the fucking things he says. "Do you know how irritating you are? I don't care what school you're from but I'm from Lasalle-SIA College and I will never let you in!" I thought he was a student, not the fucking principal? How the fuck could he not let them in? What type of fucking megalomaniac delusion must he be suffering from for him to actually mouth that kind of stupid shit? However, I'm getting ahead of myself. Before I can diss this fucking moron for that, I have to diss him for fucking mentioning Lasalle-SIA in the first place. Lasalle what the fuck? To those of my readers who do not reside in Singapore, who among you have heard of the earth-shaking reputation of Lasalle-SIA before? My ears detect a deathly silence. And he says it like he's actually proud to be there. A dance student, no less. Wow. Give the man a tutu.

What else did he say? "I'm glad that I stood up to scold the ill-disciplined girls because I know they will never do this again." Ah, more evidence of his delusions of grandeur. I seriously doubt that his chastisement of the girls had any impact on them greater than that of making them dislike arts fags more. He "knows that they will never do this again"? Where the fuck does this guy come from? Is he a fucking seer? Let's check his credentials again, shall we? A 22-year-old dance student arts fag. Wow, do arts fags learn prophesying these days? How the fuck does he know what those girls will or will not do again? What a fucking self-righteous, pompous, vulgar pimple on the fucking ass of humanity. Fancy that, an arts fag using profanity on others. Oh, the irony of it all. Here's what I have to say to you, Mr Lee Mun Wai, just in case you ever read this. If the intelligence shown by your words are indicative of the prevalent level of intelligence of your fellow students at Lasalle-SIA, you couldn't pay me to go there. If there's one thing I detest more than anything else, it's stupid people who think they're the shit.

Dedicated to Lee Mun Wai, Idiot of the First Order.

this is lee mun wai. haha. after so many years since this incident happened i chanced upon this blog entry of yours in feb 2013.

i love revisiting the past silly events of my life and i find this hilarious.

anyway, my admitted immaturity in handling the situation aside, i'd like to let you know that i have taken note of what you said especially in your last paragraph.

in fact, thank you for being so brutally honest about my profession, or should i say, hobby? indeed what was i thinking, actually believing that i was doing something important by pursing dance.

only faggots do that right?

only faggots like me validating my irreverent, irrelevant, indecent artistic causes by using tax payers' money.

you are so insightful, i hope more and more people think like you moving forward. because, yah, who needs this fucking shit pile of nonsense called art right?

thank you so much for shedding so much light on the issue. gorgeously well written. i hope you write more in the future.

i'll be your first willing sacrifical lamb.

drop me an email anytime darling

your fucking moron art fag hobbyist
Lee Mun Wai
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